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In 1939, A.T. "Arch" Steele, an American foreign correspondent for the Chicago Daily News who was living in China, traveled to the Kumbum Monastery in Northern Tibet to see the 4 year old child from Amdo who was being examined for signs as proof of his claim to the throne of Tibet…

Agnes Smedley

The Agnes Smedley Collection contains news clippings, photographs, speeches, lecture notes, printed matter, correspondence, and artifacts dating from 1911 to 1981. The bulk of the collection consists of news clippings, photographs, and reprints documenting Smedley's career as a journalist in…

Amazing Arizona

The State of Arizona Development Board produced this film to promote tourism in about 1964. Subjects depicted include the Grand Canyon; rodeos; hotels and restaurants; fashion shows; Japanese flower gardens; and auto, horse, and dog racing, as well as many others.


This collection houses Antonio Bustamante's notes from Antioch Law School and files regarding the Hanigan case (in which George, Thomas, and Patrick Hanigan were tried for torturing undocumented immigrants Manuel García Loya, Eleazar Ruelas Zavala, and Bernabe Herrera).


Selected born digital or digitized publications from the Arizona Collection. New materials are added as they become available.

Arizona History: A Chicano Perspective

This three-part program traces Chicano heritage and influence in Arizona's history between the 1600s and the 1950s.  It begins with a consideration of Mexican immigrants' role in pioneering Arizona's first non-Indigenous settlements, discusses these…

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Arizona PBS (KAET-TV) locally produced television programs comprised of selected episodes of the Horizon and Horizonte' public affairs programs from 1984-2007. Additional episodes and other local productions will be added as resources become available. Contact Arizona PBS to acquire copies of…

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The State and Local Arizona Documents (SALAD) collection contains documents published by the State of Arizona, its Counties, incorporated…

Arizona State Music Teachers Association program

Administrative records, publications and photographs of the Association, predecessor organizations and and regional and national affiliates.

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This collection houses recordings, scrapbooks, clippings, correspondence, photographs, administrative documents, performance programs, and other materials documenting Arizona State University's Dance Department.

State Press Logo

The student newspaper has been published under various names over the history of the school. Originally the newspaper was published as Tempe Normal Student (1906-1925), then the …

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This exhibit describes Congressman John J. Rhodes' political career and includes a series of short essays written by Rhodes, excerpts from his books, and news coverage of events including Watergate and the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon. Originally presented online, it has been recast…

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Video productions primarily made for Alumni Association events. Includes alumni, faculty and staff award videos from Founder's Day including Philanthropist of the Year and Creasman Awards. Also included are Legends Luncheon productions celebrating ASU athletics (primarily football) and video…

ASU Alumni Magazine Collection image- cover of an ASU Thrive Magazine

Over the years the Arizona State University Alumni Association has produced various publications aimed at keeping alumni connected to and engaged with current programs, students, staff, and faculty. This digital collection features the most current iterations of the alumni magazine,…

ASU Band

A selection of photographs and audio recordings from University Archives collections highlighting the history of the ASU Sun Devil band. The first marching band, known as “The Tempe Bulldogs Marching Band,” started in 1915 and was directed by Mrs. Lillian…

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Selected photos and videos depicting the history of the ASU Polytechnic campus/ASU East campus, 1996 to the present.

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This collection of planning reports, memoranda, legislation, speeches, ephemera, fact sheets, and videos presents the history of the Arizona State University at West campus through materials selected from the University Archives.


ASU Downtown

A selection of materials from University Archives collections that document the development of the downtown campus from its beginning in Fall 2006 to now.

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Highlights from University Archives collections that tell the story of the Tempe campus. Materials in this collection include campus maps, land acquisition data, photographs, and audio recordings.


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Throughout its history, Arizona State University has had the privilege of hosting a variety of prominent guest speakers and events. This collection contains selected photographs, and audio and video recordings from University Archives. Some of the speakers…

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This collection brings together materials that document the history of the library. The library as a building has always served as the heart of the Tempe campus. Today, the library has representation across all of the campuses and serves a vital function supporting faculty, staff and students…

ASU Kaydettes

Military drill was introduced to the Normal School in 1896, with Frederick M. Irish placed in charge of the male students for mandatory sessions. They became an official part of the National Guard during this time, and were called the Normal School Cadet…

ASU Sheet Music Collection

The Sheet Music Collection consists of approximately 30,000 pieces of uncataloged sheet music ranging from the late 1800s through the 1980s. Pre-1928 titles will be made available in digital format.

The sheet music in the digital repository is presented as part of the historical…

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Selected materials from University Archives collections that document the rich history of athletics at Arizona State University.