This collection of planning reports, memoranda, legislation, speeches, ephemera, fact sheets, and videos presents the history of the Arizona State University at West campus through materials selected from the University Archives.


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A complete listing and description of the artworks owned by ASU West as of early 1992. From ASU West Facilities Management.

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DescriptionFile is titled, "List of original public artwork." Not dated, but probably 1991 or 1992. Contains names of the artworks, creators and locations on campus.
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DescriptionAn article by Connie Cone Sexton in the Arizona Republic, North Phoenix Community Edition from March 20, 1999. Describes the public art on the ASU West campus.
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ASU Insight article from Jan. 18, 1988 by Dr. Gerald R. McSheffrey. Summarizes Dr. McSheffrey's vision for ASU's West Campus and offers a cautionary note about the importance of ASU West maintaining some independence.

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Description2015 inaugural winners of ASU West outstanding alumni award: Judith A. Lynn, Abu K. Mboka, Martin J. Quezada, Edward L. Vasko, Jr.
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A description of ASU West's mission and vision following ASU's reorganization as a result of budget cuts at the start of the Great Recession. Author is unknown.

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DescriptionA summary history of the ASU West Campus to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Includes a timeline up to 2004 and lists of people important in the creation of the campus.