Selected photos and videos depicting the history of the ASU Polytechnic campus/ASU East campus, 1996 to the present.

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Photos of the event held September, 2010 at the ASU Polytechnic campus. Milton Summerfeld, Gary Dirks, Robert Andersen and Jerry Brand are depicted.

ContributorsTrumble, Tim (Photographer)
DescriptionPhotos depicting the event held at the ASU Polytechnic campus November 19, 2009.
ContributorsTrumble, Tim (Photographer)
DescriptionPhotos depicting the dedication event held at the Polytechnic campus November 5, 2009. Donald R. Ottosen, Barbara Ottosen and Gregory Leet are presented.
ContributorsTrumble, Tim (Photographer)
DescriptionPhotos depicting the event held at the Polytechnic campus, December 7, 2006. Charles Backus, Albert McHenry, Jean Humphries, Duane Roen, Kati Weingartner, Rita Locke, Mark Searle and Larry Cooper are depicted.
ContributorsWestover, Chad (Photographer)

Photos depict various campus buildings and features.

ContributorsTrumble, Tim (Photographer)
DescriptionPhotos depict events celebrating the 10th anniversary of the ASU Polytechnic campus, President Michael Crow, Executive Vice President Mernoy Harrison and a groundbreaking ceremony for an unidentified campus building.