• Banteay Samre, false windows
  • Palgen-Maissoneuve, Mimi, 1918-1995 (Photographer)
Date Created
1942 to 1962
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  • Image
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    • The object depicted in the image is made of the following material(s): sandstone, laterite
    • Information about the creation of the object depicted in the image: •Mid 12th to 13th century
    • Information about the restoration of the object depicted in the image: 1936-1944
    • Banteay Samré was an important temple built by Suryavarman II in the Angkor Wat style, but due to a lack of extant inscriptions, little is known about its exact dates of construction. Although it was built on a much smaller scale, the carved decorations of the lintels and pediments are similar to those of Angkor Wat. The scenes depicted are mainly drawn from the Ramayana or are related to Visnu, but interestingly, one pediment illustrates one of the Jataka tales, or previous lives of the Buddha.
    • Source for information about the object depicted in the image: Laur, Jean. Angkor: An Illustrated Guide to the Monuments. Paris: Flammarion, 2002. Jessup, Helen Ibbitson. Art and Architecture of Cambodia. London: Thames & Hudson, 2004.
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