This is a short story about love.

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  • 短篇小說概要:甘美娜的母親是混血兒,她是一個白人的混血女兒,她溫柔美麗,可是出生不好,這幾章是關于甘美娜和法蘭西斯之間的故事。
  • Story Summary: Gan Meina is a beautiful and charming girl whose father is white and whose mother is of mixed ancestry. This novel is a love story between her and Francis.
  • 版本介紹:此作品有不同的版本,因爲可能是一個作者翻譯了同一部小說,隨著作者語言能力(西班牙語)的提高,他/她 對作品做了編輯,並且精准了自己的用詞用句。
  • Explanation of different versions: The person who translated this story into Chinese also edited the translation, and went through several revisions of it until he/she was satisfied with the quality of the translation. The progress which the translator made throughout the revision process is impressive, and he/she clearly made a great effort to understand and convey the nuances of the original Spanish.
  • English Translation by Wenbo Chang.

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