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    • Ysengrin (a Wolf) Cradling a Ham Full Color View
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    • Play/Playwright: Reynard the Fox by Arthur Fauquez, translated by Marie-Louise Roelants.
    • Irene Corey's Design Contribution: Costume and Makeup Design.
    • Characters: Ysengrin.
    • Actors: Don Humphrey.
    • Company: The Everyman Players.
    • Location: Ken Lake State Park, Kentucky.
    • Handwritten Note on Original Slide: REYNARD-WOLF.
    • Stamped on Original Slide: 0001193, 00049655.
    • Duplicate: Full color view.
    • Curator Note: This image appears on page 72 of Irene Corey's book The Mask of Reality with the following caption: "Ysengrin, the unscrupulous wolf in Reynard the Fox."

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