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    • Mr. Sett (a Badger) Waves a Black and White Checkered Flag as Mr. Sloe (a Tortoise) Celebrates, Mr. Fleet's (a Hare) Face Down on the Ground, and Mr. Spiney (a Hedgehog) and Mr. Paddle (a Water-Rat) Watch
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    1967 to 1973
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    • Play/Playwright: The Great Cross Country Race by Alan Broadhurst.
    • Irene Corey's Design Contribution: Costume, Makeup, and Set Design.
    • Characters: (from left to right) Mr. Sett, Mr. Spiney, Mr. Sloe, Mr. Paddle, (face down on the ground) Mr. Fleet.
    • Actors: (In turtle shell) Ken Holamon.
    • Company: The Everyman Players.
    • Stamped on Original Slide: 26, OCT 72C7.
    • Curator Note: The Everyman Players produced and toured the show under the title of The Tortoise and the Hare.

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