The purpose of this study is to develop a physical, process-based hydrologic model for the Finger Rock Wash watershed. A HEC-1 model was developed to estimate the 100-year discharge rate.

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  • HEC-1 Modeling Report for Finger Rock Wash
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    • Special study (Pima County Regional Flood Control District (Ariz.)), opens in a new window ; 39
    • With: FLO-2D modeling of Finger Rock Wash, Alvernon Way to Rillito River / JE Fuller Hydrology & Geomorphology (p. 107-118 : Nov. 2001); FLO-2D model enhancements for sediment transport and review of Finger Rock Wash project data files / JE Fuller Hydrology and Geomorphology (p. 119-138 : Jan. 31, 2002).

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