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  • Sustainability Vision for the Solano Transit District
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    • Report submitted to the City of Phoenix Planning and Development Department by the ASU-SOS Team for the project grant 'Reinvent Phoenix--Cultivating Equity, Engagement, Economic Development and Design Excellence with Transit-Oriented Development,' funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
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  • Executive summary -- Correspondence to scope of work -- Chapter 1. Introduction -- 1.1. Profile of the Solano District -- 1.2. Profile of the Reinvent Phoenix project -- 1.3. Objectives of the district visioning study -- Chapter 2. Visioning research process -- 2.1. Overview--SPARC visioning research methodology -- 2.2. Steps, methods, and participatory settings (public engagement) -- Chapter 3. Results -- 3.1. District-wide vision for the Midtown District in 2040 -- 3.2. Vision descriptions for specific transition areas (transition areas) within the Midtown District -- 3.2.1. Vision for Camelback corridor -- 3.2.2. Specific vision for the Christown Mall area -- 3.3. Consistency analysis of the Solano vision -- 3.3.1. District-wide synergies -- 3.3.2. Key synergies by transition area -- 3.3.3. Potential conflicts -- 3.4. Sustainability appraisal of the Solano vision -- References -- Appendix.

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