Developed in cooperation with the Southwest Council of La Raza in 1969, this four-part curriculum set was used by teachers to educate students about Mexican American history.  Each set contains vinyl records, rolls of filmstrips, and teacher manuals with lesson plans and bibliographies.  Only Parts I and IV have been digitized.

Part I: The Mexican Heritage focuses on Aztec history and Mexico’s Indigenous roots.  It also discusses the colonization of Mexico by the Spanish.  It contains three vinyl records and six rolls of filmstrip, including “Of Gods and Men” (Record 1), “Mexico of the Indians” (Record 2), and “Twilight of the Gods” (Record 3).

Part II: The Pioneer Heritage focuses on the exploration and settlement of the Mexico-United States borderlands.  It contains two vinyl records and four rolls of filmstrip, including “The Far Frontier'' (Record 4) and “The First Pioneers” (Record 5).

Part III: Conflict of Cultures focuses on the settlement of the American Southwest.  It also examines the economic and social results of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.  It contains three vinyl records and six rolls of filmstrip, including “Invasion!” (Record 7), “Conquest!” (Record 8), and “Revolution” (Record 9).

Part IV: The Awakening focuses on the political and social awakening of the Mexican American community in the United States.  It examines the beginning of the Chicano/a Movement in education, politics, labor, and land rights.  It contains four vinyl records and 8 rolls of filmstrip, including “The Great Migration” (Record 10), “The New Experiences” (Record 11), “The Political Experience” (Record 12), and “Huelga!” (Record 13).

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