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ContributorsMennes, John, Sir, 1599-1671 (Author) / Connelly, Mollie (Transcriber)
DescriptionConcerning Mennes' plans around Easter, business concerning Prince Rupert, and the crime of a merchant named Corke.
ContributorsGoshawk, Harrow. (Photographer) / Connelly, Mollie (Transcriber)
DescriptionConcerning a monument of Dr. Drury, former Head Master of Harrow School, Lord Byron, and Sir Robert Peel.
ContributorsGarrick, David, 1717-1779 (Author) / Connelly, Mollie (Transcriber)
Created1717 to 1779
DescriptionConcerning a request for Peter to visit David and go fishing with him.
ContributorsGarrick, Geo. (Author) / Connelly, Mollie (Transcriber)
DescriptionConcerning a theater ticket to David Garrick's Shakespears Jubiliee signed by Geo. Garrick.
ContributorsFanshawe, Richard, 1608-1666 (Author) / Connelly, Mollie (Transcriber)
DescriptionConcerning Fanshawe's details of his recent voyage after three years, his safe arrival in Madrid, his voyage with his captain, and the sending of a packet.
ContributorsByron, William Byron, Baron, 1722-1798 (Author) / Connelly, Mollie (Transcriber)
DescriptionConcerning Byron's sending of the rent money and other financial dealings with his servant, Daws.
ContributorsAldrich, Anne Reeve, 1866-1892 (Author) / Connelly, Mollie (Transcriber)
DescriptionConcerning Aldrich's reception of Dickinson's note, her instructions on how to obtain a photograph, and Aldrich's views on suffering and sympathy.
ContributorsClemens, Samuel Langhorne, 1835-1910 (Author) / Anderson, Frederick (Author) / Connelly, Mollie (Transcriber)
DescriptionConcerning Twain's revisions for "Extracts from Adam's Diary" for use in the Harper edition of his books and a letter of authenticity.
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ContributorsWashington, Booker T., 1856-1915 (Author) / Connelly, Mollie (Transcriber)
DescriptionConcerning an appeal for scholarship money for the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institution for the Training of Colored Young Men and Women.
ContributorsColeridge, Stephen, 1854-1936 (Author) / Connelly, Mollie (Transcriber)
DescriptionConcerning Coleridge's refusal to write something on Matthew Arnold for the recipient's series.