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Created2010 to 2016

The Pima County Outside Agency program provides funding to non‐profit entities to serve economically and socially disadvantaged populations through social service programs. The Pima County Board of Supervisors establishes funding limits for the program and grants are awarded to agencies through a public committee process.

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This report was drafted to facilitate discussion about protection of cultural resources under the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan. The first part of the report provides an overview of historic preservation in Pima County, while the second part provides analysis and recommendations for improving Pima County's historic preservation policy.

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Drafted to facilitate discussion of implementation options. The concepts will assist in future planning and implementation discussions that take place as the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan is finalized. A purchase of development rights program could assist in the funding of open space lands that contribute to the overall conservation reserve.

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By including ranch lands as a landscape form worthy of protection and preservation, Pima County formalized its commitment to keep ranchers ranching as a way of achieving multiple community goals, including conserving natural and cultural resources, preserving open spaces, and defining urban form.