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ContributorsCramton, Louis C. (Author)

Speech by Representative Cramton in favor of the purchase of lands that contain Bright Angel Trail from Coconino County, and to eliminate private ownership of the trail.

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ContributorsDemaray, A. E. (Author)

Letter from A. E. Demaray to Carl Hayden informing him that the Secretary of the Interior will not reimburse Roy James and M. J. Hanley.

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ContributorsDemaray, A. E. (Author)

Letter from Arthur E. Demaray to Carl Hayden regarding insurance claims submitted by three men who lost property due to a fire in government-owned apartments.

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ContributorsDemaray, A. E. (Author) / Finney, E. C. (Author) / Hayden, Carl T. (Author)

Four letters of correspondence about the purchase of Bright Angel Trail between A. E. Demaray, Acting Director of the Grand Canyon National Park; E. C. Finney, Department of the Interior First Assistant Secretary; Carl T. Hayden, Representative (AZ); and Stephen T. Mather, Director of the National Park Service.