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ContributorsUnited States National Park Service (Publisher)

Map of Kaibab National Forest with information about tours and drives in the park. Circa 1940.

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Bill to establish the Grand Canyon as a National Park.

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ContributorsUnited States. Forest Service (Publisher)

Proposed Adjustments in Boundaries of Grand Canyon National Park.

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ContributorsFlint, Frank P. (Author)

Bill introduced in the U.S. Senate to establish the Grand Canyon National Monument and Coconino National Forest as a national park. Bill did not pass.

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Document outlining Senator Hayden's proposal for national park status. Addresses the issue of miner's and land owner's rights while touting the benefits of tourism. Circa 1915.

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Article against the establishment of the Grand Canyon as a National Park citing the inability of the public to utilize the lands and the inefficiency of the government to properly care for the Canyon. Circa 1921-1924.

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ContributorsHayden, Carl T. (Author)

Letter from Carl Hayden to Tom L. Rees detailing Rees opposition to the establishment of the Grand Canyon as a National Park. Hayden states that he is waiting on a response from Mr. Woolfolk regarding the matter.

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ContributorsHayden, Carl T. (Author)

Letter from Carl Hayden to the Flagstaff Board of Trade concerning a resolution passed to change the Grand Canyon from a monument to a National Park. Hayden expresses interest in the idea while taking care to protect the water power and mineral resources that are derived from the canyon.

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ContributorsGaines, John W. (Author)

Letter from The Camp Fire Club of America urging Carl Hayden to introduce a bill that would grant National Park status to the Grand Canyon.

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ContributorsCameron, Ralph H. (Author)

Typescript draft of Bill H.R. 20819 to provide for the construction of roads and other permanent improvements at or near the Grand Canyon. The sum of $110,000 dollars is to be appropriated for the project under the direction of the Secretary of Agriculture.