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Detailed map of Granite Gorge section of the Grand Canyon from the pamphlet titled, "Titan of Chasms: Grand Canyon of Arizona."

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ContributorsUnited States National Park Service (Publisher)

Map of proposed addition to Grand Canyon National Park Boundaries. Circa 1932.

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ContributorsAlbright, Horace M. (Author)

Letter from Horace M. Albright to Carl Hayden requesting a formal submission from Coconino County concerning the Bright Angel Trail.

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ContributorsHayden, Carl T. (Author)

Letter from Carl Hayden to Horace M. Albright regarding the grazing rights of Bankhead and Henderson.

41329-Thumbnail Image.png
ContributorsAlbright, Horace M. (Author)

Letter from Field Assistant Horace M. Albright to Carl Hayden requesting letters to be drafted in regards to the grazing of sheep and cattle on national park lands. Bankhead and Henderson are singled out as not keeping to their permit restrictions.

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ContributorsMoon, Karl C. (Photographer)
DescriptionPhoto of a man on a ladder and women in a window in a Romeo and Juliet type pose. Circa 1920.
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ContributorsUnited States National Park Service (Publisher)
DescriptionMap of Kaibab National Forest with information about tours and drives in the park. Circa 1940.
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DescriptionMap of Grand Canyon National Park with hand-colored boundary lines, includes water tank locations.
41140-Thumbnail Image.png
DescriptionPress release announcing boundary adjustments for Grand Canyon National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rainier National Park and Sequoia National Park.
41141-Thumbnail Image.jpg
DescriptionColor map of the Grand Canyon National Park proposed boundaries with animal habitat zones identified for deer, mountain lion and mountain sheep.