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ContributorsNyitray, Alan (Author) / Corran, Rebecca (Author) / Altman, Kathy (Author) / Chikani, Vatsal (Author) / Negron, Emma Viera (Author) / Tobacco Education and Prevention Program (Ariz.) (Publisher)

The present study, part of a larger effort regarding the health needs of LGBT Arizonans, focuses on tobacco use and intervention strategies. It was funded by the Arizona Department of Health Services and sponsored by southern Arizona’s LGBT community center, Wingspan.

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DescriptionSelected article titles: Measure to ban gay and lesbian school support groups; Equality begins at Home Arizona; AIDS budger proposals; Radio ads with the word "lesbian" taken off air; Heart to Heart
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DescriptionSelected articles titles: Reaction to crime signigicant: the world mourns; South Africa ends gay bias; Coming Our and friendship; Waking the Watchdog; Unmarried couples bill killed
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DescriptionSelected article titles: Postage Stamp Fights Breast Cancer; Race for the Cure; Valley of the Sun United Way Campaign is underway; Lesbian breast cancer risk likely higher; World Economy; Myths Made Metionable
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DescriptionSelected article titles: Gay Games in Amsterdam a success; Artist searches for breast cancer survivors; Editorial: Hate and Politics; Legal Briefs from the National Center for Lesbian Rights; IRS Works to eliminate anti-gay bias
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DescriptionSelected article titles: Did she really?; Women's Right to Vote; Women Who Dared; First lesbian/gay youth health guide; American dream; marriage and children
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DescriptionSelected article titles: A Man Who Dared; What's up; Women usually victimized by offenders they know; $130 million available for violence agaisnt women grants; The Spinal Column
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DescriptionSelected article titles: March on Washington set for 2000; Back in the black - '98 Pride made $$$; Dykes To Watch Out For; Lillith Fair June 28th; "The Faces Of Our Family" Part of an on-going series about people in our community; Political Darkness in Arizona
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DescriptionSelected article titles: Special report Women's shelters full; New Publication for Alternative Families; Dykes To Watch Out For; Margarethe Cammermeyer tells SMR RV Parks she's "Running for Congress to Win"; Center remodels; offers new programs;
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Selected article titles: Texas Lesbian Conference in San Antonio, Texas, May 29-31, 1998; Dykes to Watch Out For; Violence against women; The Ex Files: A Former Follower Sheds the Light on Ex-Gay Ministries; Ban on Female Genital Mutilation Upheld in Egypt