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ContributorsThe Pride Publishing Company (Contributor)
DescriptionSelected article titles: Anniversary Issue; Gay Bucks Talk; Our First Year…and MORE Coming; ERA; Legalities: Questions and Answers
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DescriptionSelected Article Titles: Gay Skate Knight; Phoenix gay doctor under investigation by BOMEX; Horowitz: No Big Deal; Bomex investigates Dr. Ken Fisher; SF Gays protest United Airlines over benefits
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DescriptionSelected article titles: "A Place Called Home for the Holidays"; "Gay Couples Are in Legal Limbo under U.S. Tax Laws"; "I'm Dreaming of a White Hanukah"; "Opponents of Tempe Mayor Claim Nearing Goal on Recall Signatures"; "White House Says Clinton Didn't Call Anti-Gay Policy 'Dumbass'"
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DescriptionSelected Article Titles: Soaring AIDS Cases Prompts Search for Regional AIDS Hospital; National Black Gay/Lesbian Conference Planned; Marianna: "I'm Active in the Industry"; Psychologists Establish New Gay/Lesbian Division; New Leather Organization Formed
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DescriptionSelected Article Titles: Gay Rights National Lobby announces co-sponsor milestone; Printer refuses to print book of gay cartoons; Prison Refuses Its Prisoners Right To Receive Gay Publications; Police Training Film on Gays; The Ice In My Eyes
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DescriptionSelected Article Titles: Buchanan: Enemy
of Human Rights; Personal Computing; Moondaughter’s
Emporium; AIDS in Britain; Gay group is first approved for Olympic housing
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DescriptionSelected Article Titles: Assault On Gays Part IV; Support for gay rights; Hospital alters its AIDS policy; Flak over CIA's anti-gay policy; ACLU files suit for gay documents
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DescriptionSelected Article Titles: Small Town Blues; The Assault on Gays Part III; M Udall co-sponsers Lesbian/Gay Civil Rights Bill; 1st national gay conference slated for Phoenix in December; New Gay Newspaper in Mexico
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DescriptionSelected Article Titles: Dancing Is Not My Life; The Assault On Gays Part II; NGTF addresses national meeting of health officials on the local response to AIDS; Gay men's couple group to begin; Is It A Sin to be Gay?
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DescriptionSelected Article Titles: Tucson Seen; Crisis Hotline; The Assault on Gays; Gay leaders meet with with Assistant Secretary for Health; Display od Challenged Books