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DescriptionSong Sheets: Guerrilla People's Song, Welcoming Miss Smedleym Our Duty by Sheen Gen-Cheng, Fifth Army Song, Fighting for Victory Song, and The Last Sacrifice for Existence
DescriptionExtracts from an article from a regimental guerrilla newspaper about Miss Smedley's arrival in that region - typewritten
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Created1928 to 1940
DescriptionTomb of Ch'in Shih Huang Ti (Qingshihuang)
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Created1937 to 1940
DescriptionGroup photograph in China
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ContributorsAino Taylor (Contributor)
DescriptionAgnes Smedley's portrait by Aino Taylor, 1939
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DescriptionChing-li (Qing Li) - lisiao kwei (Li xiaogui) - orderly Yeh Fan Kwei (Ye fangui) - my translator. Agnes Smedley (center) Anna Wang (right).
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Created1937 to 1940
DescriptionFor years I was on the highways and by-ways of China's battlefields, I am the figure just behind the foremost figure.
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Created1937 to 1940
DescriptionChinese factory workers have spiritual faces -- faces filled with suffering.
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DescriptionTwo Chinese Boys at the Temple in Sian (Xi'an)
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DescriptionI caught a Red Army truck and disappeared from what is known as civilization.