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78194-Thumbnail Image.png
DescriptionThis is the death certificate for a free Chinese settler who died from an issue in his brain.
78195-Thumbnail Image.png
DescriptionDeath certificate for Manuel Lucas Breñas, a Chinese settler. He died at the Hospital of Saint Philip and Saint James after his leg was fractured and amputated.
78200-Thumbnail Image.png
DescriptionDeath certificate for Lin Generales, who died at the Civil Hospital Our Lady of Mercy in Havana.
78201-Thumbnail Image.png
DescriptionDeath certificate for Felix Diaz, a Chinese settler. He died in the Hospital of Our Lady of Mercy in Havana from tuberculosis.
78204-Thumbnail Image.png
DescriptionDeath certificate from Joaquin Perez, a Chinese settler. He died in the Hospital of Our Lady of Mercy from tuberculosis.
77507-Thumbnail Image.png
DescriptionCertifies that Ventura Lici Kie, a Chinese settler, completed a contract with his employer, La Panchita. He was contracted soon after with Jose Ruiz.
77508-Thumbnail Image.png
DescriptionA contract between Ventura, a Chinese settler, and Jose Ruiz. The contract was to last for a year and lists the legal requirements of both the employee and the employer. Noted that Ventura completed a contract with La Panchita previously. Signed by Jose Ruiz and Ventura, who signed in Chinese.
77513-Thumbnail Image.png
DescriptionCertifies that Pablo, a Chinese settler, completed an two-year-contract with his employer, Juan Nepom Ortega.
77514-Thumbnail Image.png
DescriptionAn identity card, or cedula, for Pablo, originally from Canton. Pablo was working for the railroad in Urbana.
77443-Thumbnail Image.png
DescriptionRecord for business deals between la Positiva and Torices, Ferran, y Dupierris under Clemente Calero, Jose Galan, and Luis Lusini, who went to China to import settlers as workers. These contractors were paid as agents for these companies.