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A complaint filed by Francisco Orta in the name of three Chinese settlers, Francisco, Manuel, and Pablo, concerning their contracts.

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Records for the ship Aoon, which brought Chinese settlers from China to Cuba under contract with Ferran and Dupierris and la Alianza. On this trip, the Aoon brought 104 settlers from China to work. Most were hired by Jose Baró and one was hired by Agustin Terran.

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Records indicating that the courts requested paperwork and information on Pedro o Poncho, a Chinese settler, from the Chinese Consul in Havana. He was originally from Canton. He ran away from his employer, was captured, and held in the Deposit of Runaways.

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List of workers who were recently hired by various employers. It lists the name of the employer or company, the name of the settler and their personal details.

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Shipping contract between the company, La Alianza, and Ferran and Dupierris with the frigate, Luisita. The ship was to bring Chinese settlers contracted by la Alianza to Cuba from China for work.

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Relates the marriage restrictions that were imposed in all of the settled communities. Several mixed marriages were either suspended or annulled by the government and the churches.

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List of Chinese settlers who ran away from their owners and were later captured. After capture, they were held in the Municipal Slave Deposit in Santa Maria del Rosario. Their names, ages, and nationality are listed along with the dates of their escape and capture.

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Records for the ship Vasco de Gama, which brought Chinese settlers from China to Cuba under contract with La Alianza and Ferran y Dupierris. On this trip, the Vasco de Gama brought two settlers from China to work for Jose Campos.

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Records for the ship Serafina, which brought Chinese settlers from China to Cuba. On this trip, the Serafina brought several settlers from China to work and some Spaniards and a Portuguese interpreter. Signed by Manuel Esmerendis, Javier A. de Saldez, and a Chinese settler, who signed in Chinese.

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Records for the ships Solide de Dieppa, Bitty Sriapera, and Messenger, which brought Chinese settlers from China to Cuba under contract with various employers.