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DescriptionThis contract is between Pedro, a Chinese settler, and Arcuna. The contract was to last for a year and lists the legal requirements of both the employee and the employer. Pedro did not negotiate or sign the contract as the signature stipulates that someone else signed for him.
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DescriptionA death certificate for Luis, a Chinese immigrant. he died in the Royal Hospital of San Felipe y Santiago.
DescriptionThe back reads: "To Mercedita and your godparents. From Cuda and Pedro"
DescriptionThe back reads: " For my love Carmelita with a photo of your love, Pedro"
DescriptionThe back read: "For Conchita and Merceditas, a sweet memory. From Mauricia and Pedro."
DescriptionThis is a photograph of a man. The back reads: "To my only love with all the passion of my soul, Pedro."
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DescriptionPedro, a Chinese settler, converted to Christianity. Witnessed by Eugenio Domingues. Other Chinese settlers also were being baptized, including a settler named Ysidoro. 1868.
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DescriptionRelates that several Chinese settlers were granted permanent residency in Cuba after meeting the legal requirements. Most of the document is a list of the settlers who received their residency.
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DescriptionAn identity card, or cedula, for Pedro. Pedro was twenty eight years old when this card was issued.
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DescriptionRecords of business deals between the United Asian Colonization under Benigno Gonzalez Alvarez and Ferran, Dupierris y Co, concerning the importation of Chinese settlers to Cuba.