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The cedula, or identity card, for Belen Anchin, a Chinese immigrant working in Cuba. She lived in the province of Matanzas, in the town of Cidra. Originally from Canton. This card lists Belen Anchin's current profession and place of residence.

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DescriptionThe cedula or identity card for Cesares, a Chinese immigrant working in Cuba. He worked for Jesus Alalli.
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DescriptionAn identity card for Humberto Chiang, originally from Canton China. He was thirty-fix years old when this card was given to him and lists his profession in sales. This card gives him the right to be part of the association and do business in conjugation with it.
DescriptionAn identification card for Joaquin Cok as a member of the Trade Union of Pressers.
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DescriptionJustino Campbell transferred his contracts with several Chinese settlers in Cardenas and Matanzas to the Superior Civil Government so that these workers may obtain their cedulas or personal identity cards.
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DescriptionIdentification card for Wong Git issues in 1987. He was born in 1917 in China. He came to Cuba in 1948 and was a permanent resident of Cuba.
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DescriptionThis is a neighborhood identity card (cedula) that belonged to Francisco- a Chinese settler, who was 33 years old, and in the process of completing his eight year labor contract as an indentured servant working for a railroad company at the time that the ID card was issued. 1864.
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DescriptionAn identity card, or cedula, for Felix, originally from Soltero. Felix was thirty-one years old when this card was issued. Employed by Carlos Caro and then Pedro Reinaldo.
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DescriptionRecord the death of a Chinese settler in 1865. contains: other documents; identity card Chinese settlers; original contract written in Chinese and Castilian, Macao 1860.
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DescriptionAn identity card for an unknown man. This card does not allow him to travel outside of Cuba.