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DescriptionRelates that several Chinese settlers were granted permanent residency in Cuba after meeting the legal requirements. Most of the document is a list of the settlers who received their residency.
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This is a letter from Peter Tan to the administrator of Kwong Wah Po (Guanghua newspaper). With an attached check of 20 Canadian dollars, Tan expressed his willing of subscribing to Guanghua Newspaper.

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This is a series of documents written in Chinese and Spanish, including a deposit certificate from Bank of China and an inviting letter to Chinese naval staff for a banquet. Other two welcome letters from Havana tobacco company to the Chinese naval are also included.

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DescriptionRecords for the ship Alfonso de Albuquerque, which brought Chinese settlers from China to Cuba. On this trip, the Alfonso de Albuquerque brought settlers from China to do fieldwork.
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DescriptionList of 47 Chinese settlers brought to Cuba on the ship "Auguste y Gustave" they were hired to work on the Ingenio Faith in 1864.
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DescriptionList of 29 Chinese settlers brought to Cuba aboard the ship "David". They were hired to work on the factory San Pablo in 1864 by Alejandro de la Torriente.
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DescriptionList of workers who were recently hired by various employers. It lists the name of the employer or company, the name of the settler and their personal details.
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DescriptionList of Chinese settlers who ran away from their owners and were later captured. After capture, they were held in the Municipal Slave Deposit in Santa Maria del Rosario. Their names, ages, and nationality are listed along with the dates of their escape and capture.
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Description21 Chinese settlers were hired to work in the field. They were transported to Cuba aboard the ship Kate Hooper under contract with Mr. John Dihigo. They were hired to work in the field in the city of Cardenas.
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Description49 Chinese settlers were hired to work on public works. They were transported to Cuba aboard the Portuguese “Vasco de Gama". Were hired to work on public works in the city of Cardenas