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DescriptionThis is a neighborhood identity card (cedula) that belonged to Francisco- a Chinese settler, who was 33 years old, and in the process of completing his eight year labor contract as an indentured servant working for a railroad company at the time that the ID card was issued. 1864.
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DescriptionAn identity card, or cedula, for Felix, originally from Soltero. Felix was thirty-one years old when this card was issued. Employed by Carlos Caro and then Pedro Reinaldo.
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DescriptionA dossier formed to demand identity cards of 200 Chinese settlers who were brought to Cuba in the Chilean vessel Grey Hound". Several official communications on the subject; record to investigate the conditions under which they have been hired Chinese settlers; list of Chinese settlers hired.
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5.Application Documents "Letter Home" (permanent residence on the island of Cuba), 1865. Contains: Identity card of Chinese settlers legalized with a police seal; letter of recommendation from the owner certifying that fulfilled his contract of 8 years; Chinese settlers statements; Government contract (Guanabacoa).

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DescriptionRelates that Sirto, a Chinese settler, was granted permanent residency in Cuba after fulfilling the legal requirements.
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DescriptionThis is an application for permanent residency for Pascual, a Chinese settler. It includes the settler's original contract signed in Macao, a letter of recommendation from a previous owner, stating that he had completed an eight year contract, his cedula or identity card, and a certificate of baptism.
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DescriptionA letter from the Consul General of China in Havana to Chang Yin Jung, the mayor of Matanzas. It details how the Consul General congratulates him on his recent appointment to the position of mayor.
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DescriptionA letter from the Emperor of Qing dynasty to the President of Cuba. It details the friendly relationship between the two countries as the Qing's emperor wrote that he hope their diplomatic relations could last forever.
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DescriptionThis type of identity card was issued for members of the Kow Kong Association; this particular one belonged to a Chinese merchant named Joaquin Chang Sen. 1924.
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DescriptionAn identity card, or cedula, for Jan Bak, originally from So Sin. Jan Bak was twenty seven years old when this card was issued. He had an eight year contract with Rodrigo Laray and then Antonio de Valle. He lived in Soltero.