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DescriptionPoster Against Wang Ching-wei (Wang Jingwei) Japanese puppet. The poster symbolizes the enmity of all groups of Chinese against Wang.
DescriptionMap - Japanese Occupied Points in the Chinkiang (Zhenjiang) - Broken line shows area of the Eastern Battlefield. January 30, 1939.
ContributorsSmedley, Agnes, 1892-1950 (Photographer)
DescriptionUnidentified snapshot of a Chinese Building.
DescriptionLeaflets - Japanese propoganda dropped in China by Japanese airplanes.
DescriptionThree different handbills distributed by the New 4th Army (China) among Japanese Troops in China
DescriptionPoster "Ten Man Group" Anti-Japanese Organization In Central Hupeh (Hubei). The Ten Man Group Must Be Militant, Democratic and Widespread.
DescriptionMao Tze Tung's (Mao Zedong) Speech - November 15, 1941. (????)
DescriptionMiss Smedley Sees Civil War In China If U.S. Grants Loan
ContributorsZhou, Enlai, 1898-1976 (Author)
DescriptionChow En-Lai (Zhou Enlai), On Constitutional Government and Solidarity - an address by Chow En-Lai (Zhou Enlai) in the memorial meeting on the occasion of the 19th anniversary of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's (Sun Zhongshan) death, Mimeographed - 6 pp.
DescriptionMiss Smedley Sees Civil War in China if U.S. Grants Loan