Woodblock printed book, total 69 pages, text in Chinese


  • Jūyonkei hakki 十四經發揮
  • Hua 滑, Shou 壽 (Author)
  • Xue 薜, Kai 鎧 (Editor)
  • Yoshinoya Gonbē 芳野屋権兵衛 (Publisher)
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    • English title: Bringing the fourteen channels [of a body] into full play / Elaboration of the fourteen channels
    • Dimension: 11 1/8 x 8 in.
    • Hua Shou 滑壽 (fl. 1360-1370) Xue Kai 薛鎧 (fl. 1488-1505)
    • from the series Ika shichibu sho 醫家七部書
    • Jūyonkei hakki 十四經發揮 is book 9 from the medical series Ika shichibu sho 醫家七部書 and included in Xu xiu Si qu quan shu 續修四庫全書 (Revised continuation to “Complete Collection in Four Repositories”). The original Complete Collection in Four Repositories was compiled during the Qing dynasty under the emperor Qianlong 乾隆帝 (1711-1799). The Ika shichibu sho 醫家七部書 is a series of Chinese medical books published by Yoshinoya Sakujurō, sometime in the Ten’na through the Genroku era (1681-1703). The series continued to be published by several different publishers, including Yoshinoya Gonbē 芳野屋権兵衛 listed for this book. Momoko Welch Links: Kanseki Database:, opens in a new window (This website has the list of books included in Ika shichibu sho醫家七部書.) WorldCat:, opens in a new window (This website has information on Jūyonkei hakki 十四經發揮 published in 1665 (Kanbun 5) by Yamamoto Chōbē 山本長兵衛.

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