An open access collection of United States and State of Arizona government publications pertaining to the Grand Canyon. These unique documents were curated as a supplemental collection for the celebration of the Centennial of the Grand Canyon National Park. Among other items, the collection contains brochures, an archaeological study, tourism research reports, and regional master plans pertaining to the Grand Canyon National Park and the surrounding areas. Contact the ASU Library Government Documents for access to additional materials.

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DescriptionDepartment of the Interior draft environmental statement of the proposed wilderness classification for Grand Canyon National Park.
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Final environmental statement: proposed master plan, Grand Canyon complex, Arizona, John E. Cook as acting director for plan, book.

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ContributorsValdez, Richard A. (Author) / Bio/West, inc (Publisher)
DescriptionThe Final Report on life history and ecology of the Humpback Chub in the Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Arizona.
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ContributorsU.S. Dept. of the Interior (Publisher)

A pamphlet on Bridge and Marble Canyon Dams and their relationship to Grand Canyon Natinal Park and Monument.

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Pamphlet: "Grand Canyon, Visitors' Guide to Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona," map of North Rim.

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DescriptionGrand Canyon National Park facilities, services and programs pamphlet.
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DescriptionGrand Canyon National Park guide to services and activities, descriptions of the North Rim, South Rim and Grand Canyon Village, includes maps.
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DescriptionPamphlet, map on the Grand Canyon the Parashant National Monument in Arizona
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DescriptionNatural resources management plan and environmental assessment for preserving natural resources within the park for use and enjoyment of visitors. The approach is guided by the concept of maintaining and perpetuating ecosystems rather than protecting or preserving individual features or favored species.
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DescriptionThis addendum to the 1977 GCNP managment plan includes priority projects and planning for a 5-year period.