The Labriola Center book award seeks to promote contemporary work by Indigenous scholars which benefits Indigenous peoples and nations. Books submitted for consideration for the Labriola Center American Indian National Book Award may cross multiple disciplines or fields of study, but must focus on topics and issues that are pertinent to Indigenous peoples and nations. Of particular interest are those works written by Indigenous scholars or in which Indigenous persons played a significant role in the creation of the nominated work. The judging committee is led by ASU American Indian Studies professor Dr. David Martinez. For more information see Labriola Book Award.

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Dr. Margaret Bruchac, Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Native American & Indigenous Studies at University of Pennsylvania, speaks about her Labriola Center Book Award winning book "Savage Kin: Indigenous Informants and American Anthropologists," published by the University of Arizona Press.

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Dr. Elizabeth Hoover, Manning Assistant Professor of American Studies at Brown University, speaks with Dr. David Martinez at ASU Library about her award winning book "The River is in Us: Fighting Toxics in a Mohawk Community," published by the University of Minnesota Press.