Twenty-six interview transcripts (no audio files) regarding members of the United States Cadet Nurse Corps and abstracts of the interviews produced by Elsie Szecsy.

About the collection: Joyce Finch, a faculty member in the ASU College of Nursing, interviewed twenty-six World War II-era women trained as nurses at accredited nursing schools for the Cadet Nurses Project, also known as the “Victory Nurse Corps.” The program was supervised by the United States Public Health Service during World War II. As the war progressed, the demand for nurses increased dramatically, creating a nursing shortage. When the Cadet Nurses Project ended, over one thousand nursing schools had participated in the program. This oral history project reveals the contributions of the nurses on the home front who helped win the war for America. They were educated trained nurses, and good ones; they were proud of their profession, their country, and their work. Copies of the oral history release forms of interviewees for the Cadet Nurses Project accompany each transcript. Signed originals are in the departmental Master Oral History Release Form File.

For additional historical materials about the US Cadet Nurse Corps, see the Elsie Szecsy Papers collection on the digital repository:

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ContributorsFinch, Joyce (Interviewer) / Flores, Lucile (Interviewee)
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ContributorsFinch, Joyce (Interviewer) / Douglas, Joan (Interviewee)
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ContributorsFinch, Joyce (Interviewer) / Dormady, Eugenia (Interviewee)
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ContributorsFinch, Joyce (Interviewer) / Day, Katherine (Interviewee)
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ContributorsFinch, Joyce (Interviewer) / Clements, Margaret (Interviewee)
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ContributorsFinch, Joyce (Interviewer) / Branstetter, Ellamae (Interviewee)
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ContributorsFinch, Joyce (Interviewer) / Besch, Constance (Interviewee)
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ContributorsSzecsy, Elsie (Author)

Abstracts of each interview produced by Elsie Szecsy.

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ContributorsFinch, Joyce (Interviewer) / Yettke, A. Jane (Interviewee)
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ContributorsFinch, Joyce (Interviewer) / Sabel, Elaine E. (Interviewee)