Photographs of selected manuscripts from The Guardian of the Flame Sri Lanka Manuscript Collection (MS SC MSS 203). The complete collection consists of 390 individual manuscript objects. The manuscripts are predominantly Theravada Buddhist religious texts that originate from as early as the 3rd Century AD, although these copies of texts date from circa 1600-1910. Descriptions were compiled by Wijitha Bandara and Dr. Stephen Berkwitz. Photos presented here were made by several contributors over time, most photos depict covers and colophons, and complete sets of folio images are added as they are created.

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ContributorsSpindler, Robert (Photographer)
DescriptionStephen Berkwitz Comments: Painted cover; sloppy handwriting.
ContributorsThera, Ananda (Author)
DescriptionWijitha Bandara Comments: Translation into Sinhalese from Pali; Explanation of Buddha Dharma; Author Ananda Thera (A Buddhist monk); Between 18th and 19th century.
ContributorsGunaratana, Valakande (Author) / Spindler, Robert (Photographer)
DescriptionWijitha Bandara Comments: A Sinhalese commentary for Pali Dhammapada; Author: Valakande Gunaratana (A Buddhist Monk); Probably 19th century work.
ContributorsSpindler, Robert (Photographer)
DescriptionWijitha Bandara Comments: Pali Maha-Satipattana Sutta or Satipattana Sutra with translation into Sinhalese language; How to develop awareness on body, feelings, mind and mind-objects; 18 century manuscript.
ContributorsSpindler, Robert (Photographer)
DescriptionStephen Berkwitz Comments: Small handwriting.
ContributorsSpindler, Robert (Photographer)
DescriptionStephen Berkwitz Comments: Possible anthology; small handwriting; writing of more than one author; seems to have some missing leaves at beginning.