This collection houses commercial photographs showing city scenes, streets, architectural views and building construction, commercial activities, water development projects (including dams and canals), landscapes, and agriculture in and around Phoenix, Arizona. Of particular note are the images showing the construction of Frog Tanks Diversion Dam and Lake Pleasant (A101-A353, A357), Arizona guest ranches and resorts (A754-A803), and Roosevelt Dam and the Apache Trail (A357-A372, A378, A381-A392, A404, A409-A411, A413, A418, A472, A946B).

You can access an EAD guide to this collection at Arizona Archives Online. Additional photographs taken by James and Will McCulloch are available in CP SPC 153: McCulloch Family Photographs, 1890-1974.

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Liefgreen Seed Co. Store Exterior at Nig ...

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Maricopa People Outside Wickieup

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A. J. Bayless Co. Store Exterior